Building Inspections in West Auckland

Everything You Need to Know about Building Inspections in West Auckland

Before you secure a mortgage to purchase a seemingly perfect home, you should call our professionals for building inspections in West Auckland. Even brand-new homes may be hiding defects that could cost a significant sum to repair, which is why our services are such a worthwhile investment. Below, we detail the benefits of a property inspection before discussing our broad range of services.

Benefits of a Home Inspection in West Auckland

Here are the top three benefits of hiring a team of professional inspectors to create a detailed inspection report:

  • Find out the truth about a property’s condition: Many sellers aren’t forthcoming about the extent of their house’s problems, because they want to secure the highest offer they can get. Call us for a home inspection in West Auckland, and we’ll uncover all the hidden defects that could cost thousands of dollars to repair.
  • Secure a better price: Just because a property has a few problems doesn’t mean it’s not worth purchasing. However, some homes that are hiding issues are overvalued. If you find out what’s wrong with a property and gain an idea of how much it would cost to put things right, you could remove thousands of dollars from the house’s asking price.
  • Avoid a poor investment: You might find that a property has so many defects that it’s not worth purchasing. Even homes that appear to be in perfect condition can be hiding problems that are challenging to identify without the help of a professional. Our inspectors examine a property’s foundations, insulation, drainage, roofing and much more.

Related Services We Provide to Property Inspections in West Auckland

Building inspections are our most highly sought-after services. However, we also offer:

  • Maintenance reports: Do you want to gain an insight into a property’s future maintenance requirements and costs? Whether you’re looking to buy a domestic or commercial property, our inspectors can let you know what to expect regarding the building’s upkeep so that you can plan your budget accordingly.
  • Re-inspection services: If you’ve recently had a few problems repaired, you might want to check they were completed correctly. Our professional builders can examine maintenance and repair work to give you peace of mind. If necessary, with a re-inspection report, you can force your builder to carry out the repairs again to a high standard.
  • Subcontractor referrals: Thanks to having over 15 years of industry experience, we have a vast database of trusted contractors in your area who can fix the problems we uncover. When we inspect a home, we often discover dozens of issues that require urgent attention. We’ll make sure you find a contractor who guarantees to complete their work to the highest standards.

Why You Should Choose What’s Up House Inspections

At What’s Up House Inspections, we’re genuinely passionate about helping property hunters invest their money wisely, ensuring a home’s price reflects its value. If you want to make sure your potential property is safe and in top condition, call us to book a building inspection at a time that works with your busy schedule.