June 09, 2019 at 9:44 PM


PHOTO - Richard Wyn, What's Up  House Inspections Level 1 and 2 Accredited member of The Building Officials Institute of New Zealand winner of the Pryda NZ contribution to BOINZ award and the recipient of the BOINZ Excellence awards 2019.

This award is given to the individual or organisation who have made a significant impact to the advancement of BOINZ in the marketplace.

When the Institute's Accredited Building Surveyors Program was formed Richard Wyn jumped at the opportunity for formal recognition and is now one of the institutes technical auditors and with his fellow audit colleagues works and gives to ensure the accredited building surveyor program supports his fellow members (BOINZ).

As an Accredited member of The Building Officials Institute of New Zealand I wish to acknowledge appreciation of my fellow colleagues and all those involved in giving formal recognition for the support role I play within the institute. It has been a pleasure to work with the dedicated staff at BOINZ and fellow colleagues of the Institue and I wish to thank you all (Richard).

We are extremely priveleged to have Richard Wyn as one of our Accredited Building Surveyors at Whats Up House Inspections in the Wellington/Palmerston North Region. Richard is Accredited to Level 1 and 2 and is extremely good at his job. If you need a building inspection in the Wellington/Palmerson North area please contact him on 0272266630 email. 


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