House Inspections Palmerston North

Get House Inspections in Palmerston North for Peace of Mind

Buying an older home with possible hidden problems requires house inspections in Palmerston North to aid in your decision-making process. Once you find a home that speaks to your needs, What’s Up House Inspections will conduct a detailed evaluation of the home, including estimated current value to help you in negotiations. Finding problems before you complete closing allows you to work with the seller to address concerning issues before signing any contracts. A house inspection also provides valuable information regarding systems in the home and their future maintenance.

Benefits of Building Inspections in Palmerston North

The cost of building inspections in Palmerston North is offset by the problems detected, offering you negotiating power when purchasing an existing home. The current owners may or may not be aware of complications that could be expensive or endanger life.

  • Older homes contain outdated wiring which poses the potential for fire. A thorough inspection of the home’s electrical system, including the panel, will detect problems that need to be addressed before completing the sale.
  • Finding hidden issues during an inspection puts you in a better negotiating position with the seller. You can request that minor fixes be done before closing or negotiate major repairs as part of the final sales price.
  • Whether or not we find any issues, you will have peace of mind that your new home is ready for you and your family. The builder’s report in Palmerston North allows you to forecast repairs and budget accordingly.

The Importance of a Builder’s Report in Palmerston North

Having an accurate record of a home’s condition for your use allows you to budget for expensive repairs in the coming years.

  • Knowing the age and condition of air conditioners is helpful to plan for future replacement. A newer unit allows you to save up for this expensive necessity.
  • A builder’s report in Palmerston North is helpful for renovations, giving contractors accurate information from which to perform their work.
  • Part of the inspection includes observing the presence or absence of insects and rodents, which could be destroying the structural integrity of the home. Having this information allows you to treat the property and make necessary repairs for more security.

Why You Should Use What’s Up House Inspections

Our inspectors have years of building experience from which to provide detailed evaluations of a home. They all carry professional indemnity insurance, public liability insurance and are certified meth samplers to ensure the property is safe for habitation. Our comprehensive reports include photos and inspection results on foundations, external cladding, roofing and roof space, drainage and plumbing, electrical, security, and moisture. We conduct inspections with or without you present and present the results of our building inspections in Palmerston North quickly to keep closing on schedule.

Before you sign a contract with the intent to buy, make sure it includes wording that the sale is contingent upon an independent inspection. Once the contract is signed, call us to schedule an inspection of the property to help you decide if this is the right home for you and your family.