House Inspections Waikato

Empowering the Buyer by Offering a Quick Turnaround on House Inspections and Reports in Waikato

Acquiring reports on house inspections in and around Waikato are instrumental in the decision making process when considering the purchases of a new property. You should never judge a property by its façade; our comprehensive reports will shed light on the condition of the plumbing, wiring and structural soundness of a property, which may not be visible during a showing.

What You Can Expect from What’s Up House Inspections Regarding a Property Inspection in Pukekohe

A house inspection in Pukekohe is necessary if you want to understand any hidden or latent defects in a property you wish to purchase. Our various tests aim to highlight any areas of concern.

  • Structural inspections: These inspections would include the foundations, subfloor structure, insulation and ground conditions. Our inspectors also investigate the state of the roof, gutters and flashings as well as the structure of the roof space, ducting, insulation and workmanship. External cladding is another area we pay attention to, checking on ground clearances, veneer and drainage to name a few. The interior of the home is as important, and here we check structure, fixtures and fittings and report on the overall condition.
  • Pests and moisture: When you view a home at a showing, it is often window dressed to capture your heat and not your mind. Pests can cause immense damage and cost you thousands of dollars to repair. We inspect for pests such as rodents, cockroaches, ants, and mainly in Australia, termites. By performing our non-invasive moisture meter testing on joinery, external walls or anywhere around wet and suspicious areas, we can find dampness anywhere.
  • Grounds and security: By assessing the grounds, we can draw your attention to any problem areas we find regarding the landscaping. Inspecting the security alarm, smoke alarms and security locks and systems will provide you with a report indicating if all these are in working order and whether they need repairs.

Related Services We Provide to Building Inspections in Waikato

Besides our thorough builder’s report for your house in Waikato, we offer additional reports on the following:

  • Workmanship: Often, a home has all the bells and whistles of your dreams, yet shoddy workmanship may render them useless. We can inspect craftsmanship and highlight areas of concern.
  • Referrals: Over the years, we have built up a circle of tradesmen we trust to deliver an exceptionally high standard of workmanship while always using superior products. This is handy if you need an artisan to perform reparations, maintenance or alterations and require a competent tradesman to do it correctly the first time.
  • Rental property checks: This is handy for tenants and landlords as it ensures that they maintain the property to the correct standard.

Why What’s Up House Inspections is Cost effective

A home inspection achieves one of two results. Either it confirms that all is well and structurally sound and that there is no risk in purchasing a property, or it highlights the faults and risks, which enables you to decide on buying a home which needs further attention, or not. Besides saving repair and maintenance costs in the future, you could also use the report to negotiate a lower price to facilitate addressing any issues, or request that the seller does the repairs. We have teams nationwide, which means there are limited travelling expenses, and this contributes favourably towards our competitive pricing.

Contact us for more information on a free competitive quote for a house inspection that could potentially save you time and money.