Taupo Property Inspections

Trust the Right Team with Your Taupo Property Inspections

At What’s Up House Inspections, we have been proudly offering Taupo property inspections to potential buyers for years. Whether you are buying a house or thinking about purchasing a new commercial building for your business, we can give you more information about the property in question. From building defects to problems with wiring, all the way to pest infestations, we know how to spot the problems that might preclude a purchase.

What Sets Us Apart Regarding Building Inspections in Taupo

If you are considering multiple companies for your pre-purchase inspection in Taupo, consider these factors that make What’s Up House Inspections a safe bet:

  • Our experience: We have been operating for 15 years and currently have seven locations around New Zealand. As you will see by reading our testimonials, our reputation is one defined by excellence and superb, thorough property inspections.
  • Our qualified inspectors: Our inspectors know their stuff. They are qualified builders with years of experience across the building industry. They know what to look for with construction, installation, design, maintenance, safety and overall craftsmanship to give you a sense of the current condition of a property.
  • Our approach to the job: We approach every job with the knowledge that no house or property is ‘perfect.’ Our goal isn’t to find reasons to ‘fail’ homes in our inspections. Rather, we aim to give our customers the information they deserve to know before they decide whether to purchase a property.

Our goal is to deliver a thorough and helpful service to our customers. We want you to be able to buy a house with confidence or walk away from that house if it is ridden with costly defects. In either case, we are there to make sure your best interests are protected at all times.

Tips for Getting More Value out of Your Taupo Property Inspections

As you shop around for building inspections in Taupo, consider these tips to help you get more value out of the transaction:

  • Ask what each inspection includes: Any inspector should be willing to tell you precisely what is included in their ‘standard’ home inspection. We look at everything, including foundations, drains, plumbing, electrical, roofs, grounds and more.
  • Consider additions to inspections: In addition to our customary home inspection, we also offer additional inspections for thermal imaging, swimming pools and meth lab testing. Ask about these extra inspections if you think your property requires them.
  • Think about coming along for the inspection: We welcome customers to be present for our inspections of properties. While it certainly isn’t required that you be there for the inspection process, some customers like to be present so they can see any defects up close.

Why Choose What’s Up House Inspections for Your Pre-Purchase Inspection in Taupo

If you need Taupo property inspections, What’s Up House Inspections is ready to help. We inspect each property thoroughly and deliver detailed reports on the same day, including full-colour photos. Contact us today to get started.