Wellington Property Inspections

Wellington Property Inspections Takes the Guessing Out of Home Buying

Include Wellington property inspections when you have an eye on a new home for your family. A thorough review of the property provides you with valuable information to make the right decision. What’s Up House Inspections offers professional home inspections providing you with a look behind the walls and under the roof to ensure a good investment. A builder’s report in Wellington doesn’t cost much compared to the peace of mind it brings you.

What You Can Expect from What's Up House Inspections

Our builders report in Wellington provides you with detailed information on the condition of the property, including landscaping issues. We include detailed photos of everything we inspect, allowing you to make an informed decision whether to move forward with the purchase or pass.

  • Contact us after you have the house under contract. We will schedule an inspection and generate a report promptly. Please be sure that a review is part of the agreement to protect yourself in case the property isn’t for you.
  • All our inspectors have extensive experience in the building industry and possess the knowledge to provide a professional report. We carry public liability and professional indemnity insurance giving you confidence in the quality of the inspection and resulting report.
  • If you’ve owned your current home for many years, a maintenance inspection could identify things that becoming worn and provide you with a to-do list. This list enables you to tackle any problems before they get too big and expensive.

Benefits of a House Inspection in Wellington

Getting behind the walls and into crawl spaces is the only way to evaluate a home properly. While the kerb appeal and interior finishes may look up to date, old wiring, plumbing and roof could leave you with large repair bills after moving into the home.

  • Obviously the most important reason to get a building inspection in Wellington is to find out more about the things you can’t see when viewing a potential home for you and your family. Checking the foundation and roof structure will let you know if the house is on solid footing. 
  • Another essential item to inspect is the electrical system, especially in older homes. Dated wiring could be subject to deterioration from excessive heat, rodents and insects. Signs of unwanted critters are included in the report if found within the walls and attic.
  • Moving into a home and finding that the roof leaks after the first good rain leaves you with expensive replacement costs. We inspect the guttering, or lack thereof, as well as landscaping and associated drainage. We give the plumbing an in-depth look to ensure adequate water pressure and a proper effluent system.

About What's Up House Inspections

Our goal is to help you make an informed decision on a home you wish to purchase. Our findings are easy to read and are accompanied by photos to help you negotiate to get the home you desire in a safe condition. Our competitive pricing and high-quality service let you sleep better, knowing your new home is a good buy. Please contact us to receive a free quote to help you make an informed choice.