May 11, 2017 at 5:05 PM

What's Up House Inspections

What's Up House Inspections

What’s Up House Inspections is a NZ wide company providing pre-purchase and pre-sale House Inspections, and Meth Testing Services. My association with NZCB is a long one, having joined the first influx of members many years ago. I am still a current Individual Member of NZCB, as well as holding a current LBP ticket. I have always enjoyed being a member of NZCB, and admire how far the Association has come over the years.

I have found house inspection work is more difficult than it looks, and I have joined NZCB as a National Partner to help educate and advise members on the various requirements and the pitfalls of doing this work without the correct tools and insurance. Many of you over the years will have been asked by family or friends to look over a property they are considering purchasing, and supplying what is known as a Builders Report for their bank or other lending institution. While this system has worked in the past, please be aware that you are putting yourself at risk of litigation should you provide a report of any type that is incorrect or misleading. Let What's Up House Inspections do the work for you! We will also be donating 5% of the total bill to the Apprenticeship Scholarship Trust.

Refer your clients to us and mention NZCB when booking the inspection.