Meth Affected Property

November 08, 2014 at 1:56 PM

Meth Affected Property - What's the risk?

(Information sourced from Meth Solutions Website)

Meth Labs - already a bigger issue than 'leaking buildings'

Nobody knows how many properties in New Zealand are contaminated with the poisonous residues from meth labs and meth use. We believe it is tens if not hundreds of thousands! Why?

Meth Labs in New Zealand 

  • Estimates put the proportion of meth labs the Police find at 5% to 10% of the total in operation 
  • Meth labs move around – so one meth lab can contaminate multiple properties
  • Around 1,900 labs have been busted since 2000
  • Conservatively, just 19,000 properties will have been affected, but as labs move around and police estimates indicate they find less than 10% of labs in operation, the number of meth lab effected properties is likely to be much higher.

Meth Use in New Zealand

  • Official statistics suggest the number of people using meth and meth like drugs is 80 to 100,000.
  • Meth users move around – so one meth user can contaminate multiple properties.
  • Every property a meth user spends time in – every home, work place, restaurant, bar, car, train and public toilet- is at risk of becoming contaminated.
Take the numbers of labs and users and spread them over the 15 years New Zealand has been seriously blighted by meth.  How many properties are affected?
Whether it is a lab or meth use, if contamination breaches the Ministry of Health guidelines, a property cannot be considered MethSafe.